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Goddess L was paid to punish this guy and she did not need a second invitation to do it. She did it cruelly and she made sure the loser learned a lesson. He was in shock as such a thing had never happened to him before. She enjoyed turning the loser into her human toilet and making him eat poo as well as drink pee before she was done with him.

Mistress Laura was broke and when she asked her friend for money, she told him to do something for her. When she asked what it was, she was told to degrade a loser for her friend. She had to shit on the loser. The mistress was so broke that she had no choice but to shit on the guy as her friend watched and later joined her in doing the same.

Mistress Martina caught this loser trying to steal from her and she dominated him cruelly. She used her shit to deal with him and she made him eat it. She did not care what he felt and ignored his pleas for mercy. She enjoyed herself at his expense and when she was done, she got him to lick her asshole and used him as her human toilet paper before she left him to clean himself up.

Mistress Maya has a big ass and she likes to use it to shit on guys and to facesit on them. Sometimes she does both of those things to losers. She chose to only shit on this loser as she did not have enough time to do both. She was late for work but she had to punish him. She felt like shitting so she turned him into her human toilet.

Mistress Janet and her friend found out that their colleague had been spreading rumors about them to senior management because he wanted them fired. He was pretending to be a friend to them at the same time and they were pissed that he was a backstabber. They had to teach him a lesson so they invited him to their house. He thought they were going to have a good time but he ended up degraded and tortured cruelly. He was forced to eat their shit and lick their assholes.

Mistress Milana loves to torture guys and she loves to show her friends new ways of doing it. Today she wanted to try shit fetish. So she got a loser and she turned him into a human toilet. She called her friends and they did it together. It was a lot of fun for them all and they enjoyed it to the fullest. The mistresses did not pay any attention to the loser who was having the worst time of his life.