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When this mistress was told that it was her slave who had been spreading rumors about her, she was determined to make sure it would never happen again. She chose to take a dump on him and this she did. She made him fetch her shit using her hands and then smear it on his face. When he was done with that, she made him lick the shit on his hands and on his face.

Lady Atropa caught her slave peeping on her when she was taking a shower. She did not like that perverted behavior from him but she pretended she had not seen anything. She called her friend and when she arrived, the two of them turned the slave into a human toilet. He had to eat their shit and do as they ordered as punishment for his perverted behavior. He never did it again.

Mistress Angelica has a sexy ass and she used it to lure her enemy for humiliation. He thought she was offering her sex in exchange for a truce but he did not know that she was going in for the kill. She cruelly facesat on him and she turned him into her human toilet. She dominated and humiliated him and won the fight because he was afraid of her and he gave up.

Mistress Milana wanted to show mistress Christina and mistress Karina how to punish and how to torture guys. She was teaching them about scat fetish today. So she showed them how to turn a guy into a human toilet. She gave them the theoretical aspect of it and she let them try it for themselves. She was amazed at what they did and she knew they were ready to graduate from her class.

Mistress Kira discovered that this loser had been lying to her and she was pissed. She had to show him who she really was. So she took him to her bathroom and she turned him into her human toilet. He was made to eat her shit and to drink her pee. He could do nothing about it and ate the shit. He learned his lesson the hard way and never repeated the mistake.

Mistress Gaia found out that her new slave was lazy and she did not want to have anything to do with a lazy slave. She had always had hardworking one and this one was the first lazy one she had. She used her human toilet fetish to show him that his laziness was not welcome in her house. She used an improvised toilet to shit into his mouth and by the following day, he had shed his laziness.

Mistress Jennifer has a nice ass. This guy tried to spank her thinking she would interpret is as naughty and got turned on by it. But she did not. She was pissed and she did not want it to happen again so she punished him for it. They did not know each other well and he had no right to do that to her. She pooped on him and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Milana is good at what she does. She is the kind of person who likes to torture and to humiliate. She does it for money and she makes a tidy sum out of it. She was with her friends today when this guy tried to rob them thinking they would be scared of him. They took a shit on him after pinning him to the ground. He never tried to rob anyone again.

Mistress Milana and her friends did not like how abusive this guy was to his wife. They lured him to the woods where they took turns beating him and shitting on him. He learned his lesson the hard way and he never abused her again. They did not let the wife know but they had resolved to teach him a lesson. They did not want her to know that they had beat him up so that she thought he did it on his own.

Mistress Gaia was at home when she heard her slave make a lot of noise. He did not know she was around so he did what he wanted around the house. She was not happy with what he did when she was not in the house so she punished him to make sure he did not think it was his house when she was not around. She used her shit to send the message by having him eat the poo.