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Mistress Rosella and her friend caught the guy who was actively trying to destroy their careers by falsely accusing them or impropriety. They were so angry at him that when they met him, they turned him into a human toilet. He was forced to eat their shit and to drink their pee as punishment for what he had done. He was made to regret what he had done and apologized and promised to make amends and own up to what he had done.

As a BBW, this mistress knows that not all people like big bodied and big asses women. She knows there are those who have a thing for slender and petite girls. And she is fine with it. But she does not expect bigotry from those who do not like BBW girls. This guy liked his girls petite but he could not keep it to himself. He tried to rub it in her face and that is how he ended up eating her shit after being turned into a human toilet.

Mistress Jennifer Carter received many complaints concerning the conduct of this employee from his fellow employees. He had to be punished but she did not want to lose him because he was skilled and there were things he could do but others could not. So she used her shit fetish to strike the fear of the lord in him. That way, he did what she asked which was to tone down and not piss off his co-workers, but stay on as opposed to quitting.

This mistress loves nasty things. She knows it is the best and quickest way for her to get guys to do what she wants. She likes to threaten guys and when they think she is joking, she unleashes her shit and makes them regret messing with her or refusing to heed her demands. For many of them, just the mention of shit eating is enough to make them carry out her demands but for others, they have to see it to believe it.

Goddess L was paid to punish this guy and she did not need a second invitation to do it. She did it cruelly and she made sure the loser learned a lesson. He was in shock as such a thing had never happened to him before. She enjoyed turning the loser into her human toilet and making him eat poo as well as drink pee before she was done with him.

When mistress Yazmin found out that her slave was not doing the things she wanted him to do for her, she was pissed. She did not want to beg her slave to do what she felt was an order to the slave. So she made him see things from her perspective by turning him into a toilet slave. She made him eat her shit and they never had a problem again.

Mistress Isabella felt that her slave needed to have a taste of her shit. So she gave it to him to eat. She did not bother with the hygiene aspect of it or how degrading it was. She just wanted him to eat her shit. And her slave had not pissed her or anything of the sort. Mistress Isabella just wanted him to have the experience of eating her shit.

Madame Du B has a big ass and this guy made fun of it. She was not impressed by what he did and she had to teach him a lesson. She was not going to let him get away with what he had sone so she punished him and she used the same big ass he had made fun of to do it. She turned him into her human toilet and got him to eat her shit.

Goddess Parvati was fed up with the things this loser did and she wanted to put a stop to it once and for all. She did this by turning the loser into a human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit and to drink her urine. She tied him up to make sure he would not resist or try anything funny. She managed to make him change and do what she wanted.

Goddess Parvati is a cruel person. She loves to degrade people for her own enjoyment. It does not matter to her whether you mess with her or not. She felt like degrading this loser and she did it using her shit. She turned her slave into a human toilet and got him to eat her poo and drink her pee. He did not see it coming and had never been that humiliated.