This mistress found out that the guy who had been snitching on her was her own slave. She could not believe it and after the initial shock, she was filled with anger and she punished him for it. She turned him into a human toilet. She made him drink her urine. He was lucky she did not make him eat her shit. But she chased him away after humiliating him.

Mistress Milana wanted to try a forest party. So she went there with her friends and they had a great time. This guy had followed them there and he thought they were too drunk and he could take advantage of them. But the mistresses know how to handle their liquor and they beat the shit out of him. They also turned him into a human toilet since there was none around. He had to eat their shit and drink their pee.

Mistress Maya has a big ass and she likes to use it to shit on guys and to facesit on them. Sometimes she does both of those things to losers. She chose to only shit on this loser as she did not have enough time to do both. She was late for work but she had to punish him. She felt like shitting so she turned him into her human toilet.

Mistress Milana is good at what she does. She is the kind of person who likes to torture and to humiliate. She does it for money and she makes a tidy sum out of it. She was with her friends today when this guy tried to rob them thinking they would be scared of him. They took a shit on him after pinning him to the ground. He never tried to rob anyone again.

Mistress Kira is a gorgeous girl who loves to do crazy things all the time. Today she chose to shit on this guy for fun. Being a hot mistress, it was easy for her to get guys to humiliate. She teased him and as he got hornier, he stopped reasoning and she took over his reasoning for him. She then shocked him when she took a shit on his face.

Madame Du B was not happy about what she had seen. She saw her slave preparing food using dirty hands. She did not want to get sick because of his poor hygiene so she punished him and made sure he would never do that sort of mistake again. She used an improvised toilet seat to turn him into a human toilet and make him eat her shit. He never did it again.

Mistress Anna is a crazy girl. When she is tired of a boyfriend and wants to break up with him, she does something crazy to him and then break up with him. She wanted to break up with this loser so she used her shit fetish to do it. She made him eat her shit and was cruel to him to the extent that instead of her breaking up with him, he broke up with her.

Mistress Milana hates disappointment and she does not know how to handle it well. It is actually not easy to disappoint her but when you do, you better know you are in hot soup. That is what happened to this loser as he managed to disappoint her and make her look bad in front of her friends. She tortured him by turning him into her human toilet in front of her friends. They loved it and they had fun pooping on him.

Mistress Gaia and her friends had a dare. They had always tried to shit on a loser but they never carried it out as they felt it was too disgusting. They wanted someone to do it today so they had a reward for it. They agreed on a financial reward and the other mistresses failed to do it. She stepped forward and she shit on not one but two losers. She also got them to lick her feet and her shoes.

Mistress Kira could not reconcile the fact that she had done so much for her slave with the betrayal she had gotten from him. She was so mad and so blinded that she punished him cruelly. She did not care what he felt. She made him eat her shit and drink her pee. She also fucked him in the ass with a strapon to make him feel the kind of pain he never knew a human being could feel.